Now Selling: LinkedIn and Personal branding agency

New Sales Mandate

In our discussions with agency buyers, a clear trend remains at the forefront: that is, a high demand for agencies with specialized expertise in key services. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to an opportunity that stands out for its unique focus and approach.

We are currently representing a highly profitable agency specializing in personal branding on LinkedIn. Despite LinkedIn’s exponential growth and its status as the premier B2B channel, many marketers have yet to fully leverage its potential.

Our client has developed a strong track record in leveraging LinkedIn effectively, turning their insights into a successful global agency business with outstanding results.

They’ve crafted a flexible and efficient business model that allows them to scale their operations based on client demand. Currently, they are experiencing a peak in new client engagements, indicating strong business health and potential for growth.

Our client is seeking a partnership to help scale and further develop their business and this could be an appealing opportunity for growth and collaboration.

The business has a proven contracted services model that is exceptionally scalable and EBITDA has averaged $530K over the last 3 years.